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Use webmail for accessing your email when you are away from home.

It is also convenient for previewing your email prior to downloading messages to your local computer.

Large messages may be viewed and deleted before they have a chance to delay your download process.

View Spam Folder

NetOne email is filtered by a sophisticated spam filtering system. Mail that is flagged as spam is deposited in a folder called 'Spam' rather than the inbox.

It is possible that a message may be falsely marked as spam due to the nature of its content. The message can still be retrieved, however, by viewing the Spam folder above.

Modify Spam Filter settings

The NetOne spam filtering system may be customized per each user's needs.

It's a very simple interface that simply requires selected a filtering strength level from 1 to 4.

Additional capabilities are provided by the White List and Black List management interfaces. For example, if an email address is placed on the White List, that address will never be blocked by the spam filters.

Log in to Hotmail

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Log in to GMail

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