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Subscription Information
Service Plan Payment Plan Price
BEST VALUE! Hosting service pre-paid for the year1 Annual 12.80
Hosting service month-to-month Month 14.95

Service Plan Payment Plan Price
Domain name registration Annual Pricing
Domain name service only (DNS) Monthly 5.00
Domain name service only (DNS) Annual 60.00
Additional domain name pointer pre-paid for the year Annual 100.00
Additional domain name pointer month-to-month Annual 10.00
Email-only service pre-paid for the year Annual 104.00
Email-only service month-to-month Month 10.00
"Quick" Secure Website Certificate pre-paid for the year Annual 102.00
"Quick with seal" Secure Website Certificate pre-paid for the year Annual 127.00
"BusinessID with seal" Secure Website Certificate pre-paid for the year Annual 127.00
"BusinessID Wildcard with seal" Secure Website Certificate pre-paid for the year Annual 575.00

Features and Benefits
  • No credit card required to establish service immediately.
    Accepted methods of payment are:
    • Cash, check or money order
    • Check by phone
  • Prices are applicable to both residential AND business service!
  • Hosting services for your domain name - we can provide the server space for your domain and its associated web pages.
  • Complete e-mail services, including e-mail aliases, virus scanning, spam filtering and multiple e-mail boxes, with separate passwords, if desired. Each of your business associates may have access to complete e-mail services, each with a unique e-mail address pointing to your domain name.
  • FTP access to your Web Hosting account. This unique feature enables you and those which you may optionally designate to access the file space on your web server to facilitate the transfer of files. Additionally, access is provided for you to place your own cgi scripts on the server which allows complete customization of your website without intervention by the internet service provider.
  • If you need to a secure server, your web hosting account can be easily set up to accommodate on-line secure transactions.
  • Generous allowance for bandwidth, accesses and hard drive space.
  • Domain Registration services. We can register your domain for you for less than Network solutions. We offer .com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .info, .tv, .cc, and .us registrasions. Wonder if the domain you want is taken? Just give us a call and we will find out, and if it is, we will check on alternate names for you.
  • There are no restrictions to hamper your success on the web. Generate income from advertising on your web pages.
  • We now offer web site design services. For more information, please contact us.

If you do not see the particular feature here that you are in need of, contact us and we will try to provide anything reasonably possible.

With several up-to-date web servers in place and a knowledgeable staff to assist you, NetOne Communications is ready to host your domain now!

While we try to be as fair as possible, we will not host pornographic websites or criminally hateful web sites. We do not condone nor allow distribution of pirated software, virus code or mass-distribution of unsolicited commercial e-mail (SPAM). Read our Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement

Additional Services Included at No charge
  • FREE technical support from our own local support technicians. We pay for the call!
  • Multiple, individually passworded email accounts with ample quotas for even the most demanding users, all with user-customizable virus and spam protection!

1Equivalent monthly price based on subscription pre-payment of 153.50.

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