Domain Registration and Other Services


  • Domain Name Registration (Annual) – Starting at $19/month
  • DNS (Domain Name Service) – $6/month or $60.50/year
  • Rapid Secure Certificates – $20/year (see details below)
  • Secure Certficates (SSL) starting at $140/year

Features and Benefits

  • No credit card required to establish service immediately.
  • Accepted methods of payment are:
    • Cash, check or money order
    • Electronic bank account debit
    • Check by phone
  • FREE technical support from our own local support technicians.

Additional Details

Secure Certificates

Secure your website interactions with a secure certificate. These options encrypt the communication between the user and the website to prevent snooping and private data being spied on.

  • Rapid Certificates are good for pages that just want to prevent snooping. There is minimal verification that the site is genuine, and that it has a real person or business behind it.
  • Quick Certificates verify that there is actualy a live person behind the operation of the website.  The option "w/Seal" carries a small amount of fraud insurance as part of the certificate.
  • BusinessID Certificates verify that there is a legitimate company running the website and that they are in 'good' standing with the business community at large.  These options require a more extensive check of who and what is behind the running of the website, and includes some fraud insurance.  Ask for details if interested.

Domain Name Registration

Register your domain with the central name registries to prevent others from using it. 

  • .com, .net, .org are available
  • We offer the new domains such as .space, .biz, .info, and many hundres more.  There are too many to list here and more get added monthly.
  • Each Top Level Domain (TLD)'s registrar set the pricing for that group of domains.  Contact us for pricing.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Convert the names we use, like, to the numbers the computers use, such as  This service is necessary for any active domain.  We offer it as part of our packages or as a stand alone service if you already host your site and/or email elsewhere. 

NOTE: While we try to be as fair as possible, we will not host pornographic, illegal, or criminally hateful web sites. We do not condone nor allow distribution of pirated software, virus code or mass-distribution of unsolicited commercial e-mail (SPAM). Read our Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement